Rising Above The Ashes

Posted on Nov 27, 2023

8 Reasons Why Toxic People Hate the Newer, Braver You!

1. You are a Stronger Person
2.You have built Healthy, Professional, & Personal Boundaries Life. You have developed a Invisible Fence

3. You now give yourself Self Compassion which is the antidote to the Narcissistic Abuse. It heals us from the inside out. 

4.You found your Voice and you have found your truth and have made changes that are best for you!

 5. You are not the Old Version of yourself, and they can't stand you! 

6. You are walking into a Joyful Life and choosing not to take revenge against the Narcissist's and Flying Monkeys. 

7. You are becoming liberated, and a Powerful Person. (Sadly, Toxic family members like the Weaker Version of you. 

8. You realize that everything in the past didn't happen to you, but happened for you! 

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